Set of 3 interior prints
full size of panels
(purchased with unit).

Printed from your files (ready to print)

Soft Carry Bag is included -
Fully Raster-Printed
Interior (1-25 units)             

Please call for other printed quantity prices.

Soft Carry Bag is included!
Just Unfold and place your graphics!
Also: Logos and Graphics can stay attached inside
with hook tape.
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RadiusFS Folding Table Top Display
reat for small local events like job fairs, breakfast networks, school recruiting, etc.
Just take it in your car and unfold on desk or table at event.

Assembled size: 87"Wx35/5"H
Graphics sizes:
Center panel 28” X 35.5”  
End PanelS (2) 26.875” X 35.5”

Quick ship Unit colors: Silver / Black, Black / Black
SHIPPING SIZE: 31” x 38” x 5.5”

Shipping Weight: 28 LBS.
Unit Weight with carry bag and graphics: 24 LBS.
RASTER-Printed Option
Graphics are printed directly on the loop fabric panels
and become part of the display.
$ 239.00
Complete unit ready for your detachable  
and a free shoulder strap carry bag.
(1-25 units).
Please call for other quantities.       
This is a good Option
if you wish to keep your Graphics consistent.

Assembled size: 87"Wx47.5"H
Shipping size:
(1) 38"x35.5"x8"
30 lbs. (approx)

Quick ship Unit colors:
Silver / Black, Black / Black
Made in USA
Made in USA
Made in USA
FS Classic 3-Panel Table Top Display w/Hdr
Same as above but with a set of stacking
header panels for 8 inches added height.
Velcro receptive Interior
Ready for detachable graphics
(1-25 units)

Add for a fully printed header section

Please call for other quantity prices.

Soft Carry Bag is included -

$ 115.00
$ 641.00
(Unit w/o graphics)

Total with printed
Standard Components:

(1) FS28/12/3 Header
(1) FS28/35/3 Panel
(4) Stack Tab
(1) Carry Bag
(1) Reusable Carton